Prevention and Management of Hypothermia in Burns Patients in the Operating Room: a Best Practice Implementation Project.

Mrs Svetlana Kolokolnikova1, Mrs Natalia Adanichkin2, Dr Sandeep  Moola3

1Clinical Nurse, Burns Theatre, Technical Suites, The Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide, Australia, 22 ANZBA Nursing Chair, ANZBA SA Representative, Advanced Nurse Unit Manager, Adult Burns Centre, The Royal Adelaide Hospital,7G154, , Adelaide, Australia, 3Research Fellow, Implementation Science Team, The Joanna Briggs Institute, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia


Perioperative patients with burn injury are at great risk of hypothermia.
Cancellation or interruption of surgery results in a patient’s multiple additional visits back to theatre for further excisions, prolonged theatre time, excessive use of surgical time and resources.
The aim of this project was to develop and implement the best evidence based protocol on management of hypothermia in burns patients in the Operating Room and thereby improve burns patient management and outcome.
This evidence based implementation project utilises the Joanna Briggs Institute’s Practical Application of clinical Evidence System (PACES) and Getting Research into Practice (GRiP) audit and feedback tool. The PACES and GRiP framework involves three phases.
The first phase included a baseline audit on management of hypothermia in burns patients in operating theatres undertaken in the old Royal Adelaide Hospital.
The second phase involved reflection on the results of the baseline audit and designing and implementing evidence based best practice protocol on management of hypothermia in burns patients in the operating room. Findings from base line audit reflected that preventative actions such as prewarming patient prior theatre to 36°C were effective in management of intraoperative hypothermia.
The third phase involves the conducting of a follow up audit to assess the outcomes of the interventions implemented to improve practice, and identify future practice issues to be addressed in subsequent audits. The implementation process is in place.
The results of this project including the positive changes in practice, the barriers and facilitators will be presented.


Immigrated to Australia in 2001. Have been working in Royal Adelaide Hospital Burns Unit for 15 years including 9 years in Burns Operating Theatre. Currently undertaking evidence based clinical fellowship project with JBI. Graduate Diploma in Nursing Science (Perioperative Nursing)


ANZBA is a not for profit organisation and the peak body for health professionals responsible for the care of the burn injured in Australia and New Zealand. ANZBA encourages higher standards of care through education, performance monitoring and research.

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