Improving Skin Graft Donor Site Scarring with Mepilex Transfer Ag

Dr Devlin  Elliott1

1Greenslopes Plastics Department, Greenslopes , Brisbane, Australia


Introduction:Skin graft donor site scarring can be problematic in selective patients. Donor sites require optimum conditions free from excessive exudate and infection to maximize healing potential and final cosmesis. Mepilex Transfer Ag utilizes silver sulfate to reduce infection, has foam technology to absorb exudate and transfer to a second layer and Safetac technology supporting less painful healing.

Results:Our preliminary findings with Mepilex Transfer Ag suggest better wound healing with reduced scarring. A no backing film allows us to leave the dressing on for two weeks even if an outer layer needs to be replaced. We found patients reported minimal pain and trauma with dressing changes and had more optimum conditions for healing resulting in better scarring long-term.

Discussion:Mepilex Transfer Ag is an effective dressing to enhance donor site healing. Soft silicone adhesive technology means less pain and tissue trauma with dressing changes and improves scarring. The dressing is thin and highly comfortable for difficult to dress wounds.

Conclusions:Skin graft donor site scarring can be optimized with Mepilex Transfer Ag. This dressing only needs to be applied once, and optimizes the environment for tissue healing as well as reducing any further tissue trauma with removal.

Otago University Graduate
Current Plastics PHO Greenslopes Hospital


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