Cost-effectiveness analysis of the utilization of 3-dimensional gait analysis (3DGA) to improve the pattern of follow-up treatment service utilization, costs and recovery of burns patients with complex movement disorders

Bharat Vaikuntam1, Robyn Grote2

1 School of Medicine, University of Queensland, Australia, 4029,
2 Queensland Motion Analysis Centre, MNHHS, Queensland Health, Australia, 4029,


Gait analysis may be simply defined as the recorded quantification of human motion. The purpose is threefold: one, to understand the characteristics of human movement; two, to analyze the different components of human movement. In spite of the technological advances in 3-dimensional gait analysis (3DGA), it is not available widely and there are no current studies examining the application of gait analysis for burn victims. Burn patients have problems with their range of motion as well as walking, hand function and balance. So, it would be useful to examine, as this research is proposing to do, determine the cost-effectiveness of 3DGA to improve the pattern of follow-up treatment service utilization, cost and recovery of burn patients with associated complex movement disorders.


Economic evaluation nested in a prospective randomized controlled clinical trial investigating the effect and cost-effectiveness of the utilization of 3DGA. Study participants will be randomly divided into two non-crossover groups on a turn-based basis, with the first patient who meets the inclusion criteria being placed in the experimental group. The primary outcome is the cost-effectiveness of the 3DGA relative to usual care. The secondary measures including self-rated health (EQ-5D) will also be collected for this analysis. A Cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) will be performed from a health sector perspective.


We hope to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of 3DGA relative to usual care and improve the patient outcomes. This study will provide evidence about the uncertainties underlying the degree of improvement and their subsequent impact on the cost of care.

Key Words

Burns, Economic evaluation, Gait analysis

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