The use of silicone impregnated foam material in the management of burn scar hypertrophy – practical applications for effective rehabilitation interventions

Michael A Serghiou, OTR, MBA 1, Jonathan Niszczak MS OTR/L 1,2

1 Bio Med Sciences, Inc. Allentown, PA USA
2 Temple University Burn Center, Philadelphia, PA USA

Introduction: Silicones have been widely used to manage hypertrophic scars.  More recently, a specific silicone blend with unique properties has been bonded to a conformable foam material simultaneously addressing two specific rehabilitation needs: increasing the overall surface area of the insert while remaining fully deformable.  This unique silicone insert material aids in managing scars anywhere on the body.

Methods: The silicone foam material was designed to address scars in the following areas: digit syndactyly, antecubital fossa and axillary fold.  Each insert was compared to conventional inserts in terms of ease of fabrication, comfort and pliability.   AROM measurements were performed on all joint surfaces to determine if there is any limitation in motion when the insert is applied over joints.

Results: The inserts have the ability to support volume increase under a pressure garment yet they do not restrict mobility.  AROM measurements and webspace span taken prior to initial insert application and at regular intervals for 12 weeks demonstrated increased AROM and web span by approximately 50%.

Conclusions: This new silicone foam material provides a good platform to create inserts that: a) have the ability to deform and mold to joints without restricting movement, b) prevent insert migration underneath pressure garments during movement and c) combine the effects of silicone and pressure.  This insert material demonstrates a distinctive advantage over plain silicones or gels and supports the ability of the burn specialist to adapt inserts to best fit the needs of the patient without restricting function.

Key Words

Rehab; Scar Management; Allied Health


Formerly with Shriners Hospital for Children Galveston, Texas USA; 1 Bio Med Sciences, Inc. Allentown, PA USA


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