Salvage of deep partial thickness burns using Versajet debridement and Biobrane xenografting – a case series

Dr. Constant van Schalkwyk, Dr. Joseph Dusseldorp, Prof. Peter Maitz

We present a case series of patients who presented with deep partial thickness burns, that appeared to require eventual autografting, who were treated with prompt versajet debridement and biobrane xenografting leading to surprisingly good recovery, avoidance of skin grafts and return of normal hair bearing skin. The likely mechanism of these surprising results will be discussed, including meticulous debridement of devitalised superficial dermal eschar, resulting in reduction of subsequent toxic breakdown products. The challenges of this time consuming and somewhat intensive technique will be outlined as well as an analysis of the overall cost vs benefit.


Burns Registrar at Concord Repatriation General Hospital.  Previously Burns and Plastic Surgery Registrar at Westmead Children’s Hospital.

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