Increased allied health resources on the Victorian Adult Burns Service (VABS); improving service delivery and patient outcomes

Ms Jacqueline Salway1

1Victorian Adult Burns Service, Prahran, Australia

The Victorian Adult Burns Service (VABS) Review in 2011 found Allied Health (AH) to be significantly under resourced compared to other State wide burns services. In October 2016, a successful business case provided the burns AH team with increased EFT in Physiotherapy (1.0), Occupational Therapy (0.6), Psychology (0.2) and a Team Leader role (0.4) for a 12 month period.  This coincided with a significant escalation in inpatient demand which was sustained for several months. The increased EFT was partially utilised to sustain baseline clinical practice, however also enabled the AH team to achieve a number of proposals outlined in the 2016 business case, including:

Improved performance on the BRANZ quality of care measure, physical functioning assessment, from 78.3% to 94.7%

Improved continuity of AH service across both inpatient and outpatient settings, as well as provision of sub-acute services for patients awaiting rehabilitation

Provision of a 7 day a week Physiotherapy service

Development of, and increased AH led services in the outpatient setting

A 94% increase in psychology service delivery, and development of a face burn exposure and traumatic flashback protocol

Establishment of a research database, and systems embedded into clinical practice, enabling the collection of patient functional outcome measures

Engagement in professional development opportunities, clinical governance and quality projects within the VABS

This talk will outline the challenges and accomplishments the Burns AH team have experienced over the last 6 months, and summarise the future direction of the service, based on the outcome of a submitted application for permanent funding.

Jacqui is a senior Occupational Therapist and Allied Health Team Leader on the Victorian Adult Burns Service in Victoria



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