Early treatment of hypertrophic burn scars in paediatric patients

Dr  Cameron Yap1, Dr Helen Douglas1, Professor Fiona  Wood1, Professor Suzanne  Rea1

1Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth, Australia


Burn scarring can be painful, restrictive and disfiguring and once formed, a scar is worn for life.  Standard scar management involves scar hydration, massage, silicone and pressure garments to achieve the best result, however these therapies require a lot of time and commitment and can be particularly challenging to adhere to in the paediatric population and warmer climates.


We present a series of cases in which the use of early (12-16 weeks post-injury) CO2 laser on very active hypertrophic burns scarring was employed. Details of each case, treatment regimens and illustrative photographs are presented.


The use of CO2 laser is emerging as a useful modality in scar reconstruction. In patients with early active hypertrophic burn scars we believe that timely treatment with CO2 laser therapy may impact the formation of such scars, reduce time in pressure garments and could improve the final outcome.

Cameron Yap is a resident in the paediatric burns service in WA

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