A 5 year review of allied health service provision within a regional paediatric burns service

Dr Helen Buschel1, Ms Rebecca Watson-Brown1, Mrs Debra Phillips1, Mrs Michelle Parkinson1, Dr Bhanu Mariyappa Rathnamma1, Mr Harry Stalewski1, Dr Daniel Carroll1

1Queensland Health, Douglas, Townsville, Australia

Background: The North Queensland Paediatric Burns Service (NQPBS) is part of the Paediatric Surgical Services at The Townsville Hospital (TTH). There has been significant growth in the last five years in burn presentations. This has placed an increasing burden on allied health (AH) professions as there is no dedicated funding for the service. AH are recognised as being critical in the provision of burn care (Edgar et al, 2014).

In 2012 a retrospective chart audit of the NQPBS was completed to review the model of care. There was significant variation in AH involvement across all disciplines. The outcome of this audit was an aim to improve multi-disciplinary involvement in the NQPBS.

Aims: To design a model of care for the NQPBS in 2016 and to compare this to the 2012 model of care.

Methods: Retrospective chart review of the 143 children treated by the NQPBS in 2016 and analysis of data collected over both audits.

Results: There has been an overall increase in AH involvement in 2016. Occupational Therapy was involved with 96% of new burns presentations and a blanket referral system for all other disciplines has improved the overall rate of involvement.

Conclusions: NQPBS has unique regional service and despite no dedicated funding for any AH disciplines there has been significant gains in ensuring care provided is within a multi-disciplinary model of care as per ANZBA AH guidelines.

Edgar DW, Wood FM et al. 2014 .ANZBA-JBI Burn Trauma Rehabilitation:Allied Health Practice Guidelines, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia.

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