SUPRATHEL as a new graft donor site dressing

Dr Devlin Elliott1

1Royal Brisbane Hospital


There are a variety of products on the market that can be used for donor site dressing. SUPRATHEL is an artificial skin substitute that has a thin elastic membrane that adapts itself optimally to the surface of a wound. It is only applied once onto a previously cleaned area and can remain there until the wound has healed. Applications mainly include; donor site dressing and use in deep partial thickness wounds. There are several benefits of SUPRATHEL, including reduced pain, dressing changes and lowered costs.


We highlight our early experience with SUPRATHEL as a donor site dressing and the added benefits we have encountered. We have been collecting cases where we have used SUPRATHEL as a donor site dressing and analyzed our outcomes.


Our preliminary findings of donor site healing with SUPRATHEL are positive. Our department has noticed we are able to leave the dressing on for the full two weeks until the wound has healed. Its time effective and reduces the need for extra wound clinics. We noticed reduced pain with removal, easy monitoring through a clear field and comparative healing to other dressings.


SUPRATHEL is an effective option for a donor site dressing with several significant benefits. It is simple, easy to use, doesn’t require changing and reduces costs. The patients find it comfortable and easy to remove.

Devlin Elliott

Plastics PHO RBWH

MBChB at University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ

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