More than skin deep: Development of a Paediatric Burns Long Term Case Meeting

Ms Linda Quinn1, Dr Steven Cook1, Mr Bernard Carney1, Dr Michelle Lodge1, Dr  Amy Jeeves1, Dr Rebecca Cooksey1, Mr  Darren Molony1

1Women’s And Children’s Hospital, Adelaide , Australia


The Multidisciplinary Burns team approach to caring for our patients is well established. Holding weekly clinical meetings and individual case meetings for our patients is embedded into our routine.

This continued after initial discharge however once patients entered into a more long term follow up stage they were seen in our very busy burns scar clinic. This clinic was a combination of newly healed smaller burns to the larger burns requiring scar reconstruction.

It was felt that we were doing a disservice to a small cohort of the more complex major burns patients where there was limited time to discuss all aspects of their progress. This included their growth, nutrition, psychosocial wellbeing, schooling and surgical reconstruction planning.

This talk discusses the development and commencement of a Burns Long Term Case Meeting Schedule for this patient group.


Linda has worked at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital for the majority of her 33 year nursing career post registration. She has extensive paediatric surgical experience and has specialised in paediatric burns nursing since 2006. She has post graduate qualifications in both paediatric and burns nursing.

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