Procalcitonin: Its role in burn management

Dr Jake Willet1, Dr  Samantha Smith1, Dr  Rebecca  Heah1, Dr Nicholas Smith1, Dr  Matthew  Jennings, Ms Linda  Quinn1, Dr Annie  Roberts1, Dr  Amy Jeeves1, Dr Darren Molony1, Dr Roger Woods1, Dr Isaac  Harvey1, Dr  Michelle Lodge1, Dr Bernard Carney1

1Women’s and Children’s Hospital , , Australia



Procalcitonin, a 116-aminoacid prohormone of calcitonin, is gaining popularity in the assessment of sepsis utilised with increasing frequency due to its proposed sensitivity for bacterial endotoxin production.


A literature review of Embase and PubMed was performed. The identified articles were examined in there entirety.


The overall quality of evidence in the identified literature is limited largely to small retrospective cohort studies, however meta-analysis has been performed. There is significant variability within the literature with conflicting findings.


Procalcitonin should be utilised in conjunction with clinical and biological markers for sepsis in burns patients. It should be interpreted with caution and should not independently dictate initiation of antibiotic therapy.


Burns Service Registrar, WCH



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