A new initiative for Burn Rehabilitation – a purpose-built Functional Training Unit on the Burns Ward

Rosemary Kendell1

1Fiona Stanley Hospital


Managing the early rehabilitation phase for an individual with a burn injury on an acute care ward can be a challenge.  The physical environment and the ward culture is understandably focussed on acute management, so the transition to a rehabilitation focus may not be easy.  When Fiona Stanley Hospital was being planned, a purpose-built Functional Training Unit was included on the Burn Unit.  However, increased rigours for Infection Control and Safety delayed the commissioning of this unit, but each of these challenges have been overcome to enable a Functional Training Unit to become a part of everyday burn care.  This, coupled with the introduction of a burn-specific functional assessment – the ‘FAB’ (Functional Assessment of Burns), has enhanced comprehensive adult burn care in WA. Look at what we can do!


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