Honey as an alternative dressing to reduce infections in Wounds – A literature review

Mr Peter Stone1, Miss Hana Menezes1, Dr Natasha  Jennings1

1Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Australia


1] What is the evidence for knowledge translation on the modality of honey dressings used to decrease infections by antibiotic-resistant bacteria?
2] Do honey dressings provide a moist healing environment; reduce slough formation, and odor in wounds?
3) Do honey dressings improve healing time while delivering greater patient comfort and contentment while reducing healing time?
Patient presentations for skin and wound management significantly contribute to emergency department (ED) workload. Appropriate decision making for dressing modalities is often ad hoc and infrequently evidenced based. There is a suggestion of a lack of clarity around best practice standards for wounds in the ED. Honey has been considered as one alternative to standard dressings as it may reduce resistance to antibiotics and have less side effects.
A literature review will be undertaken to investigate if honey dressings are an alternative to current standard practice in relation to wounds dressings in the ED. Key outcomes will be: Use of honey on ED wounds, healing time and other benefits. A PICO framework audit question will be used.
P: infected wounds in people presenting to emergency department aged 16-98
I: Honey type of dressing for the treatment of infected wounds
C: silver sulfadiazine dressings or Vaseline impregnated gauze dressing
O: cost effective dressings, that offer patient comfort, and durability/longevity, and acceptability, and an effective treatment against bacterial infection.
an analysis of the literature will provide an opportunity to synthesize the current literature and make recommendations for further research being an interventional study.


Peter Stone is a Nurse Practitioner at the state emergency and trauma center, Victoria, with an interest in wound care, burns, and Dermatology.
started trauma nursing 2003 in the UK
started at the Trauma center Alfred Center Victoria 2008, completing a Masters and becoming an endorsed critical care nurse practitioner in 2017

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