Construct Validity of Dermoscopy in Measuring Vascularity of Hypertrophic Scars (HS)

Miss Huan Deng1, Professor Cecilia Li1

1The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Background: The Vascularity of hypertrophic scars (HS) is an important indicator of scar maturation. A reliable and accurate measurement tool on documentation of the vascularity of hypertrophic scars (HS) will contribute to the identification of active scars in the early stage post injuries, such that early intervention on scar would prevent excessive proliferation of scar tissues. As one of morphological imaging devices, the Dermoscopy is preliminarily supported to measure the vascularity in scars.

Purpose: This study aimed to explore the construct validity of the application of Dermoscopy for measurement of vascularity in hypertrophic scars (HS).

Methods: An observational study was conducted and 20 subjects with hypertrophic scars at different stages of maturation would be recruited. Comprehensive scar assessment would include The Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale (POSAS), the Spectrocolorimeter for measurement of scar pigmentation and the Dermoscopy to measure the vasculartiy. Data measured by the Dermoscopy,  the POSAS and the Spectrocolorimeter would be calculated to find out the correlation among the three parameters. Results and findings of this study will be presented.


Miss Deng is a PhD student of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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