Implementing a Nurse Practitioner led burn ambulatory care clinic. Review of the effectivieness of the role 4 years post implementation.

Mr Peter Campbell1

1Royal North Shore Hospital, Concord, Australia


The role of a Nurse Practitioner in the burns ambulatory care environment is a relatively new concept and has required a change in Care Modelling. This paper aims to describe the impact a Nurse Practitioner can have in the burns ambulatory care environment, and the support required from both Nursing & Medicine to enable the role to be implemented and supported. How a Nurse Practitioner can aide in enhancing Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary involvement in patient care will be discussed. An analysis of statistics for the past 4 years will be discussed to demonstrate the impact a Nurse Practitioner can have on patient management.

The 4 pillars of Nurse Practitioner practice will be examined to demonstrate what differences in outpatient care can be achieved.


Worked in Burns & Plastics for 29 years. Has been a member of ANZBA for 23 years and regularly helps coordinate EMSB courses. Has worked in several roles in burns including Management and clinician positions, he has an OAM for his contribution to burn education and burn development.

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