Dressilk®: A Series of Case Reports on Partial Thickness Burns and Donor Sites.

Mr Jozef Verbelen1, Mr. Hendrik Hoeksema1, Dr. Karel Claes1, Prof. Stan Monstrey1

1University Hospital Gent, Gent, Belgium


Objectives:The management of both split thickness donor sites and partial thickness burns with healing potential within 21 days is often considered to be similar.
A new dressing consisting of 100% silk, seems a promising treatment option.

Methods:In a preliminary test, above mentioned wounds were treated with Dressilk® which was applied directly on the skin defect and covered with a secondary gauze dressing.
The silk dressing was left in situ until it separated spontaneously from the healed wound. Parameters taken into account for dressing evaluation were patient comfort and pain (assessed by patient), bacterial load, time to wound healing, ease of use and general satisfaction (assessed by nurses).

Results:4 patients with partial thickness burns and 4 patients with donor sites had their wounds treated with Dressilk®.
On average patients found Dressilk® to be comfortable and reported no or mild pain with the dressing.
Bacterial problems were mainly caused by Staphylococcus Aureus, but easy to deal with by applying an antiseptic solution on the primary dressing.
Average time to wound healing was 18 days in case of the donor sites and 11 days for the burn wounds treated in this test.
Nurses were satisfied about the dressing and assessed Dressilk® as easy to use.

Discussion / Conclusion: In this preliminary test Dressilk® was assessed as a suitable dressing for both split thickness donor sites and partial thickness burns with healing potential within 21 days.
A more elaborate study, also investigating cost effectiveness, will be performed in the near future.


1989: Graduated as a nurse
2006: Master degree in Nursing
2009: Burn Care Coordinator (Burn Centre University Hospital Gent, Belgium)

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