Survivability in Major Paediatric Burn Injuries: A Single Centre Experience

HP Chong1, E Gibson1, L Quinn1R Cooksey1,D Molony1,A Jeeves1, M Lodge1,B Carney1

1Women’s And Children’s Hospital, North Adelaide, Australia


Survival rates in burn injuries are inversely proportional to burn size. With advancement in technology, multidisciplinary approach comprising of knowledgeable and dedicated specialist with particular interest in treating this unique surgical population, and multiple medical innovations, mortality rates have decreased significantly. However, no large analysis on outcomes in pediatric burn patients with current treatment regimen exists. This study was designed to identify the burn size presently associated with significant increases in morbidity and mortality in pediatric burn patients. We perform a single center retroprospective observational cohort study utilizing the clinical data of severely burned pediatric patients admitted between 1975 and 2017. This study included severely burned pediatric patients with burns over at least 30% of their total body surface area (TBSA). We analyse the epidemiology, trends in presentations and treatment approaches that have lead to the implementation of our approach to this date.


HP Chong is the Burns Fellow at WCH and previous unaccredited Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery Registrar at Flinders Medical Centre.

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