2019 – Workshop – Advanced Skills Compression workshop for Senior Clinicians

Advanced Skills Compression workshop for Senior Clinicians

“Burns through the ages.  Compression through the sizes”

Facilitated by Rosemary Kendell 
Occupational Therapist  I  Lymphoedema Practitioner | Clinical Advisor –Jobskin I   Health Care Division

An advanced skills workshop for therapists wishing to extend their skills in garment prescription, measuring, fitting and troubleshooting.

The increasing incidence of obesity means complex and unique presentations for therapists in the domain of compression garments, but other extremes of body shape (which  include the very small, the very slim and variations in normal proportions) also present challenges.

This workshop will review the underpinning principles that govern prescription for those outside the norm, and will incorporate case studies and practical exercises addressing some of the challenges – co-morbidities, skin folds, weight extremes (underweight, as well as overweight), unusual proportions and small children”

Please note all registrations for the Workshop will need to be approved by Smith & Nephew & the ANZBA Organising Committee.
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Advanced Skills Compression workshop for Senior Clinicians

  • Date: Monday 14 October 2019
  • Time: 8.30am – 2.30pm
  • Venue: Harbour View 1, Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart
  • Cost: $120pp
  • Registration is now open and the workshop can be purchased when registering for the ASM
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