The ANZBA Burn Quality Improvement Program (BQIP)

Heather Cleland, Yvonne Singer

Since 2009, the Burn Registry of Australia and New Zealand (BRANZ), a collaboration between ANZBA and Monash University’s Department of Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine, has been collecting data regarding the demographics of burn injury, and the process of care in burn centres across Australia and New Zealand. The data enables analysis of the effects of different practices, and benchmarking of outcomes between centres.

ANZBA’s highest priority is to promote the safest care and best outcomes for burn patients in the region. Using the clinical quality indicators embedded in the BRANZ, ANZBA’s Burn Quality Improvement Program (BQIP) provides a quantitative basis to drive improvements in care and processes by providing QI benchmarking reports to burn centres, and a framework to assist burn centres to improve performance.

The BQIP, implemented in 2016, has included a review of the BRANZ Quality Indicators, the nomination of BQIP champions in each of ANZBA’s 17 burn centres, and preliminary work on improving data completeness and unit performance.

Through reporting, education, sharing best practices, and showcasing high performers the BQIP will enhance a culture of Quality Improvement in the burn community which can facilitate knowledge and motivation to drive changes to improve performance and patient outcomes. This presentation will provide a summary of the BQIP’s work to date and will outline a 3 year plan for the future.


Yvonne Singer has worked in burn care for over 15 years and is the Program Coordinator of the Victorian Adult Burn Service in Melbourne, Australia. she is also the Vice President of the Australian & New Zealand Burn Association, and she loves all things burns!

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