Toxic Endothelial Necrolysis, creating a consistent care package across health disciplines

Mrs Ellen Wilson1, Mrs Whitney Mulqueen1

1Alfred Hospital

During 2014 there were thirteen admissions to the Alfred Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Melbourne for patients with significant Toxic Endothelial Necrolysis (TEN) ranging from 20-90% TBSA. The increase in admissions highlighted the need for a multi-disciplinary guideline in consistent delivery of patient care and practice. In 2015 the United Kingdom (UK) published an evidence based recommended care guideline for this patient group. In light of the comprehensive management document developed in the UK, the Alfred ICU has developed a TEN guideline for all clinicians and Allied Health specialists including admission checklists. Developed with the collaborative input from medical teams and allied health; the guideline now provides timely, multi-faceted, up-to date care practices essential to these complex patient’s from admission through to daily management and healing.

The poster will explore the lessons learnt from developing a multi-discipline and faceted guideline as well as provide time frames for completion, a guide for other organisations to follow.

Burns Resource Nurse in ICU.  Graduate Diploma of Burns Nursing and Graduate Certificate in Intensive Care Nursing

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