Endone patient information pamphlet

Mrs Miranda Pye1

1Concord Repatriation General Hospital, Burns Unit

Oxycodone is a commonly used opioid analgesic medication.  It has been identified as one of the most frequently prescribed, new medications for patients treated at Concord Repatriation General Hospital’s Severe Burns Injury Unit. Which is typically used for breakthrough and procedural pain relief.

Due to the need to provide education to patients prescribed this medication, a patient information pamphlet was developed to formalise and assist this process.

This poster aims to illustrate the side effects, indications for use, contraindications, administration guide and helpful tips.  It presents this in layman’s terms as the information provided is aimed at patient education within a burns setting.

Miranda is a clinical nurse specialist. Who began working in her burns nursing career in 2003 as a student nurse, as a RN in 2005 and CNS in 2009. She has experience in all areas of the Burns Unit including Ward, Burns Operating Theatre, Burns Ambulatory Care and Telehealth. In addition to her 12 years’ clinical experience, she has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, the Graduate Diploma in Nursing Science – Burns Nursing and is currently undertaking her Masters in Nurse Practitioner. Miranda has also been a ANZBA member for 12 years and is currently a member of the ANZBA Nursing executive.

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