The World Health Organization’s Global Burn Registry: Defining the problem of violence against women through acts of burning

Miss Yvonne Singer1, Michael Peck2, David  Meddings3

11. Victorian Adult Burns Service, The Alfred, , Australia, 22. The Arizona Burn Center, Department of Surgery, , United States, 33. Dept for Management of NCDs, Disability, Violence and Injury Prevention, World Health Organization, , Switzerland


WHO has launched the Global Burn Registry (GBR). Established in 2017, it is the first ever global platform for standardized data collection from burn survivors. It provides health facilities with a clear picture of the factors that contribute to burns and the populations at greatest risk in their settings, with a view to prioritizing prevention programs.

The ISBI Prevention Committees’ Women’s Safety Initiative aims to reduce violence by burning, including acid attacks, against women and girls. One of the Committee’s objectives is to analyze data from existing databases worldwide, and develop a framework for ongoing data collections

This presentation will take a preliminary dive into GBR data on behalf of the ISBI’s Women’s Safety Initiative, to analyze the incidence of violence against women and girls through acts of burning.  To date, 1856 patients with burn injuries from 13 low and middle income countries have been registered with the GBR. Forty percent were female, with approximately 20% being less than 18 years old. Descriptive analysis of females who sustained intentional burn injuries will be presented including demographic details, injury event characteristics and in hospital outcomes.

The presentation will paint further brush strokes to the picture defining the extent of the global problem of violence of against women and girls through burning, and in doing so, shine a light on the progress of the GBR, and it’s potential to inform prevention programs.


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