Changing the focus from custom-made to ready-to-wear compression in paediatric burn care

Mrs Tamsin Mahoney1, Miss Zahra Ehlherth1, Mrs Emma  Caldwell1

1Queensland Children’s Hospital, South Brisbane, Australia



Pressure garment (PG) therapy is utilised by burns therapists in preventing and managing hypertrophic scars. Historically at Queensland Children’s Hospital (QCH) Pegg Leditschke Children’s Burns Centre (PLCBC), Occupational Therapists (OTs) routinely provide custom-made PGs. A scoping review was conducted for 2020 to establish the resources involved in the prescription and provision of custom-made PGs compared with ready-to-wear (RTW) PGs. This review’s purpose is to establish the benefit (financial, staff, consumer) of RTW PG options for suitable children.


A time-in-motion analysis was conducted with OTs to establish the average time taken to measure for a custom-made PG (inclusive of administrative processes).

A retrospective audit of all PGs provided in 2020 was conducted.

A cost analysis is being conducted on custom-made versus RTW PG for 2020.

A consumer satisfaction survey is being implemented to gain consumer perspectives regarding comfort and satisfaction with RTW PG.


  • Measurement and processing a PG for a single limb takes `20 minutes.
  • The average delivery time for custom-made PGs is approximately 10.61 days.
  • Of the 236 custom-made prescribed 2020, 123 potentially could have fitted a RTW option.
  • The cost of all custom-made PG provided in 2020 amounted to $68,736. The full cost analysis and consumer satisfaction results will be presented at ANZBA 2021.


RTW compression garments are not readily accessible or considered at the QCH PLCBC. Following analysis of the consumer feedback re. RTW PGs, we’ll trial and subsequently supply a small range of RTW PGs for use with suitable children.


Tamsin graduated from UQ in 2002 and has worked in 5 large acute Hospitals in Queensland. Tamsin works at the Queensland Children’s Pegg Leditschke Children Burns Centre, and shares the clinical lead role in Burns/ vascular with Kate Miller. Tamsin is passionate about acute surgical trauma and especially loves paediatrics. Tamsin loves the ever changing interventions and innovations in burns care management.

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