Platelet lysate can support development of a 3D skin organ culture for clinical application

Dr ILIA BANAKH1,2, Dr Mostafizur Rahman1,2, Dr Denese Marks3,4, Clinical Associate Professor Heather  Cleland1,2, Dr Shiva Akbarzadeh1,2

1Department of Surgery, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, 2Victorian Adult Burns Service, Alfred Health, Melbourne, Australia, 3Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, Alexandria, Australia, 4Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney, Camperdown, Australia


Platelet lysate (PL) contains a range of growth factors that are involved in spontaneous wound repair. We hypothesised how PL can be utilised to produce serum-free 3D skin organ culture, containing dermal / epidermal components, for clinical application. Our work showed PL support of short-term (1-2 weeks) fibroblast expansion and keratinocyte stratification plus maturation in a 3D skin organ culture. Basement membrane was formed within 5 days, evident from collagen IV deposition. Expression of growth factors and extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins was measured in PL-expanded fibroblasts, to elucidate the underlying mechanism. We found interleukin-6 (IL-6) and collagen I (Col I) upregulation in PL-expanded fibroblasts, possibly triggered by TGF-β1 in PL. In contrast, the expression of basic fibroblast growth factor (FGF-2) and keratinocyte growth factor (KGF) in fibroblasts was not affected. PL-expanded fibroblasts were phenotypically separated into three subpopulations of CD90+FAP+, CD90+FAP-, and CD90-FAP+, based on CD90 and FAP expression. Data suggested that PL drove expansion of CD90+FAP+ subpopulation, which may have a reduced fibrotic effect, compared to CD90+FAD- once grafted. Our findings support the concept of PL as a safe and effective serum alternative for skin cell therapies and provides a novel approach for bioengineering a serum-free 3D skin organ culture.


BSc (Biomed) Honours from Monash University
PhD Immunology from Monash University
2005-2012 Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
2012-2015 Alchemia Oncology
2017-present Victorian Adult Burns Services

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