Social Media Influence on the Awareness of Burns First Aid; Literature review.

Dr Alexa Mcnaught1

1Queensland Health, Brisbane, Australia


Public awareness of burns first aid management may be influenced by information posted on social media platforms (Parizh et el. 2021; Alomar et el. 2016). The quantity and quality of information may either increase awareness of best practice or incorrectly inform the first aid caregiver (Parizh et el 2021, Butler et el. 2013). This study reviews the available literature through Pubmed, Embase, medline and Google Scholar. Articles assessing the use and attitudes of social media information regarding burns is explored. With increasing evidence social media is the preferred and main information source for caregivers and patients (Alomar et el 2016), implementing public awareness campaigns through various platforms may prevent further injury and improve burns first aid awareness.


Dr Alexa McNaught is a Principal House Officer in Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery. She is passionate about her field of work and continues to explore research in various fields

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