Juvenile and Family Fire Awareness Program (JAFFA): A state burns unit role in education support to reduce fire lighting

Ms Kim Bowen1, Mrs  Sharon Rowe1, Ms Ruth  Noonan1, Prof Fiona Wood1

1Fiona Stanley Hospital, Perth, Australia


JAFFA is a free fire safety education program for young people aged 6 to 16 years who are involved in fire lighting. Firefighters started the program in 1989 to support families and agencies dealing with young people who light fires.
The program helps young people understand fire behaviour, fire safety, and the consequences of misusing fire. Trained firefighters deliver the program to the young person and family, tailoring content to the young person’s age, behaviours and existing fire knowledge.
The State Adult Burns Unit was invited to participate in delivering education to the firefighters who have volunteered for the program.
The brief was to enhance firefighters understanding of the short and long-term impact of a burn in a young person so that they may better deliver their program. The end goal is to reduce recidivism and prevent siblings and other young people from misusing fire.
Meetings were held with DFES’ Prevention and Safety Programs Coordinator to better understand target audience and content requirements of sessions. A photobook and video was developed, educations sessions presented and a visit for the firefighters to the burns unit.
A state adult burns unit has a role in education for the state. Education responsibilities extend beyond educating clinicians, to the wider community.


Kim has been a nurse in the State Adult Burn Unit for 26 years. Kim is a Clinical Nurse who acts in the Clinical Nurse Consultant role. Kim was instrumental in the development of the reintegration of adolescents to school and home as well as the Burns Early Discharge Program-community outreach program and it’s transition to Fiona Stanley Hospital in 2015. She is now revising the Juvenile and Family Fire Awareness program while educating and mentoring junior staff.

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